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Avanti Press Rebrand



Avanti Press

In the winter 2013 semester at the College for Creative Studies, I was accepted into a branding practicum with Avanti Press as the client. Avanti is a quirky Detroit-based greeting card company that features funny animal images on their cards. We worked in teams over the course of the semester to rebrand Avanti Press; it was a process that involved tours of their HQ, meetings with the client, lots of brainstorming, and plenty of late nights working in collaboration with three other designers. The role I played in the team was as team leader: I delegated tasks, led brainstorming sessions, kept the team on track with the timeline, and made sure everything we were making was on brand. For the identity system, I illustrated the various icons and created the custom Avanti logotype based on a vintage WJR poster.

Our identity system for Avanti emerged out of the act of giving greeting cards. You hand someone a greeting card, they laugh, and it creates a special moment between the two of you. Each different smiley face and speech bubble is related to this three part act of card giving, and is also used to differentiate between the branches of the Avanti brand.

Client: Avanti Press
Year: 2013
Teammates: Samantha Schaefer, Rhonda Evans, Kurt Gorecki
Teacher: Susan LaPorte
Skills: Lettering, illustration, branding, graphic design, copywriting, collaboration