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The Goddess of Adulting



The Goddess of Adulting

In 2016, my friend Aleona Pollauf and I competed in the first Detroit Adobe Creative Jam. A Creative Jam is one part presentations by local creative thought leaders, and one part competition. A handful of Detroit designers were selected to compete in teams of two for a three hour creative face-off. At the beginning of the competition, we were given our theme—adulting—which we had to use as the basis of our visual piece. During our brainstorming, Aleona and I were inspired by multi-armed Hindu gods and used that motif to represent the balancing act that is “adulting.”

At the end of the three hour design-off, each team presented their finished adulting-themed piece to a panel of judges and hundreds of fellow creatives. Two awards were given out at the end of the night, a Judge’s Choice and a People’s Choice. Aleona and I left the Jam with the Judge’s Choice award and a year of free Adobe Creative Cloud! 🎉

Year: 2016
Skills: Illustration, concepting/brainstorming, collaboration